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Analytics drives all aspects of business decisions.

Analytics and Data Driven Decisions are revolutionizing the businesses. We create tools for analytics assisted decision making.

Big Data Analytics

Tools for the big data management and analysis of the data

Business Intelligence

BI Tools to help you to make decisions being Data Aware.


Case Studies

HR Optimization and Manpower Rationalization Tool for a Major Indian Bank
An Analytics tool for HR Optimization of a Major Indian Bank with 5000+ branches. The tool optimizes the transfer and postings of the promoted candidates. Taking a few parameters as inputs from the HR Records, this tool, optimizes the manpower. It also takes into consideration a lot of manual overrides and other biases to give near to actual result.
Realtime Analytics and Decision System for a Major Steel Manufacturer
A complete Realtime Analytics, Reporting and Decision System for the Automation of a Steel Plant. The data warehouse is Integrated with Sensors, and collects all the sensor information in real-time. A decision support system does the decision control in realtime on the data and also visualizes the information in a real-time dashboard. This implementation using tools like Apache Hadoop and Pentaho changed the way in which sensor data was looked in Plant.
Real-Time search for a Major Image Stock Company
For a Image/Music/Document/Mail/Logs Stock Company, the important element is the speed and accuracy of search. We revamped the search of a Major Image Stock Company with more than 200 million images, using tools like Solr, Thrift. We customized the search to include things like faceting, CTR, semantics, boosting and many other features.
Customer Understanding and Sales Force Management Tool for a Major Bank
One of the Major Indian Bank with around 13,000 Branches and around 200,000 employees wanted to Manage the Sales Staff and Increase the effectiveness of the Retail And SME Banking. We developed a mobile based sales and customer application tool which Decreases the TAT and increases the sales force effectiveness.
Marketing Effectiveness Tool for a Major Marketing Consultancy
We created a Marketing Effectiveness Tool for a Major Marketing Consultancy to measure the effectiveness of a Marketing Campaign, ROI Management, Marketing spent Management, Campaign Management. The tool also manages blog postings and other aspects of Digital Marketing.
Data Mining, Warehousing and Analytics for E-Commerce Products Price Comparison Company
For a Price Comparison Website Company, we managed the data mining using tools like nutch and techniques like Screen Scraping for E-Commerce Data. Then we extracted products from the websites and grouped them using Hadoop. Then search engines were implemented and also a recommendation system to recommend products to customers.
Assessment focused Online Career Counselling Tools
Assessment route for Career Counselling can be quantized using psychometric, analytics, and other IQ/Ability tests. We created an online Career Counselling tool where career counselling and planning was done basis of Assessments and Analytics.


How Analytics can Change your Business?

Find out how Analytics can change your business and increase the profits and effectiveness. Use the power of Analytics to help you make some key decisions.